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Ami Futami - 双海亜美

Voice actor: Asami Shimoda - 下田麻美
Age: 13
Height: 158cm / 5'2"
Weight: 42 kg / 93 Lbs
Birthday: May 22nd
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 78 - 55 - 77
Hobbies: Text messaging, Ecology
Image color: Yellow
Initial Attributes: Total ??
Vocal ??
Dance ??
Visual ??
amiroll: (LEVEL EIGHTY)
[ Good morning, route! Today, young girls with ambitious dreams are trying their hands at something new: Gym battles. In fact, Ami got up this morning and snuck out of her room for the sole purpose of challenging the gym. So here's Ami, broadcasting from the front of Azalea's gym, Kouhai her Mr. Mime sitting on her shoulder. ]

Ami Futami here, reporting on the scene! It seems a young, super cool young idol has decided that today, she's going to challenge the Azalea Gym! [ Ami then throws Kouhai in the air, who subsequently lands and poses on her head. Ami, too, poses. ] That idol.. Is Ami! Yay! [ a double thumbs up! ]

Ami may be a little underlevelled, but she's got all the cheat codes! Afufu~ Don't worry, guys, she can handle it!

[ Ami barges into the Gym, pointing rather disrespectfully to.. nowhere in particular. ] Gym Leader! If you're a true man, reveal yourself! Ami wishes to challenge you to a duel of wit and honor! [ out strolls a.. boy? with a butterfly net. ] Hiya! I'm Bugsy! I— [ and cutting him off.. ] Bugsy, eh? [ Ami strokes her chin, sizing him up. He looks a little disheveled. ] Ami thinks she gets you, see? She knows what you're like. And she knows what you do. You do bugs. That's your thing, eh? [ Bugsy.. nods.. ] Well! Let's start-o!

[ and, after a long, arduous battle that lasted decades.. Ami is down to her last Pokemon, while Bugsy still has two of his. ]

E-Eheheh.. it seems Ami's been backed into a corner. [ is that a cold sweat.. ] But it's okay! Ami still has her.. Trump card! [ tossing a pokeball to reveal.. Splodey, the Pineco! ] Splodey, use— [ And, before she can say anything, it happens. Splodey done sploded. It creates a whirlwind, flinging Bugsy, Ami, and Bugsy's Heracross into the walls of the gym.. vibrations resound throughout the entire facility, making a cacophonous and deafening noise over the feed. Kouhai, who was not used in the battle, as he was the designated cameraman, hops over to Ami, peering down at her. ] M—Mime? [ Ami slowly lifts her head up. ] In battle.. no one.. comes out.. victorious.. [ and her head hits the floor again. For those unfortunate (or just stupid) enough to have made it this far into the video, they will see that Ami has come out.. not the victor. ]
amiroll: (LEVEL TWO)
[Is Johto ready? Because there are two ladies on the gear today, situated in a very familiar place. The first girl, a young brunette, is staring down into the camera. She’s figured it out already. The second girl sits behind her on the porch of mom’s house, staring down at her own Pokégear. She has blue hair, and she presses a button every ten seconds or so, very slowly. She has no idea how it works. She’s the first to speak up.]

Are you sure this is a telephone, Futami-san?

Ne, Chihaya-oneechan! Ami knows it’s a phone, and more! It’s the key to our success!

[Chihaya stares down at her gear some more, then slowly looks up at Ami.] The key...? Is this supposed to unlock something, too? [Ami does a sagelike nod, as if she had all the answers already. In truth, she’s pretty much just improvising.] It’s our main menu! It’s necessary on our epic travels. Without it, how will we get cute alternate outfits?

What are you talking about...? [Her voice trails off as she reaches for her bag. Resting on top of it is a ridiculous pink raincoat. It doesn’t look like something Chihaya would usually wear.] Are you talking about this? [There are even boots.]

Ufufufu~ Of course that’s what Ami’s talking about! [Actually, it just kind of worked out conveniently.] Take a look at Ami’s! Super Sexy Style! [Ami fumbles into her own bag, whipping out a children’s play outfit, complete with a yellow hardhat.] E-Eh?! This isn’t sexy at all!

[Chihaya can’t help but snicker a little at that, quietly. Behind her hand.] I don’t think either of these outfits are very suitable, Futami-san...

No fair! Now Ami looks unsexy for the camera![Ami places her hands to her head, shaking it around indignantly.]

[Wait, what. Chihaya looks up at her, a bit horrified.] E-eh? Your phone is filming, Futami-san? P-please, turn it off! Does this thing even have a camera in it...?

Geez, Chihaya-oneechan, Ami didn’t know you were so bashful! It makes me wonder how you’ll react when you find the camera in your dressing room.. [And, with a mischievous cackle and one more horrified look from Chihaya, the feed ends. The cackle, however, lives on forever into eternity. ...Of course, the cackle might nearby for some. Ami and Chihaya are in New Bark Town. Ami can be found exploring the area around Chihaya with her Mime Jr., whereas Chihaya can be found seated in one place, trying to figure out her Pokégear while a Minun sleeps on her lap.. She’s not going to ask for help, but both are free to be bothered!]